Sunday, May 19, 2013

top 10 with sarah (been a long time draft, finally ready to release)

it is true, i'll admit it...i love stacy julian. she's a scrapbooker. she's a pro. and she is down right nice! can i be her someday? (i did meet her once last january in ca at cha. i reminded her and her friends/collegues that i had been a runner-up in their coolest album ever contest and told her which album was mine. she acted like she remembered me and my album. totally cool moment!)
anyway, i was looking at some of her websites (yes, she has multiple) and she is full of ideas. so many that i don't even think i could keep up with her if i tried everyday for the rest of my life. that many. but i came across this "top ten" that she had as her bio on "big picture scrapbooking". i have avoided many q & a things before, but this one intrigued me. so i copied and pasted it here and i'm filling in my own responses. (thanks stacy)

Top 10 with sarah...
TEN "essentials" that I cannot scrapbook without:
  • bazzill cardstocks - textured please!
  • fiskars paper trimmer
  • corner rounder
  • ribbon - any brand
  • ink pad to distress the edges of the paper
  • music, movie, or tv
  • brads - all colors and sizes
  • beautiful pattern paper - october afternoon, doodlebug, american crafts, bella blvd, (who am i forgetting????)
  • letters - stickers, chipboard, rub-ons, them all!
  • a deadline - i just work better that way

NINE things I love are:
fun print socks, hot chocolate, ice cream, historical fiction, vanilla scent, college football, major league baseball, autumn, wearing sweaters that come down past my wrists, & saying i'm from MA

EIGHT of my coping strategies, in no particular order:

1. call my sister(s) or friend
2. take a shower
3. take a nap
4. get lost in a magazine or book
5. exercise
6. say a prayer and write out my thoughts
7. do something I WANT to do
8. turn on music and dance

SEVEN things I love about my "every day" life …
  • my house, secretly i would love to be a homebody
  • getting hugs from kids everyday, even if they've just been yelled at
  • doing something "scrapbooky" - sketching ideas, looking at blogs or magazines, or actually working on a project
  • using my own laptop
  • curling up on my own bed
  • cuddling with my kids
  • being on a schedule, even though sometimes it is crazy busy!

SIX places I'd love to visit before I die:
  • France (again)
  • Hawaii
  • Ireland (again)
  • a tropical island (other than Hawaii)
  • Washington State
  • a bed and breakfast in NH, it was adorable

FIVE things I do everyday, without fail:
  • hug and kiss my kids
  • check my emails
  • look in the mirror and wonder if i look my age
  • write something (a list, a note, a blog post, an email)
  • fall into bed tired and counting the number of hours i have to sleep before i have to be up again

FOUR websites I frequent

1. scrapbooking companies and sites with sketches
2. facebook & pinterest
3. Old Navy & The Loft - i dream of a more put together wardrobe
4. friends' blogs

THREE photos I love:

just like kimbrel
backstage at the shoemaker dance recital
just like me

TWO decisions I've never regretted
  • having 2 children, they are everything to me
  • knowing i had to work, choosing to work in education, i have been able to be with my children a majority of their school years and it is a passion, not just a job

ONE additional and very important thing you should know about me is …
i am terrible about cleaning. i put it off, mostly due to lack of time, and then move things around and around, from one room to another and into boxes to clean out later. oh, and i have a really hard time throwing things away.
i'm working on it.

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